Material Handling Products

Moving large equipment is a breeze with the Commander Series Low Profile Lift. Available exclusively through Deco, the Commander Series ergonomically moves up to 2,000 pounds with ease. The Commander Series is a premier piece of equipment that features lubed-for-life pivot points, foot-operated controls, and pressure relief valves.

Deco also offers power dollies, below the hook lifting devices (certification, maintenance, and re-certification available), industrial trailers, hydraulic work platforms, and other ergonomic equipment. Got something big to move? Your next move should be to the phone. Call Deco today for all your material handling products needs.

Industrial Dolly

After reviewing you specific application and needs, Deco will design a dolly for your process. We offer free wheel or powered (pneumatic or electric) dollies, from one- to 60-ton capacities and beyond. We even CNC the components in-house to ensure a precise fit up. Deco can also provide the tow chain, powered pusher, special adapters, etc. Plus, we use only the highest quality industrial paint to ensure your investment is well protected.

Industrial Trailer

Deco will review your specific application and needs; then we'll design your trailer/wagon to your specs. We offer two- and four-wheel steering, towable from one or two ends, from one-ton to 100-ton capacities and beyond. We CNC machine all components, which are designed to hold up in the demanding industrial environment—including weather and phosphate washing. Other trailers lock up after a little abuse, but Deco trailers can take it—and then some.

Hydraulic Work Platform

First, Deco will review your specific application and needs. Next, we'll design a quality platform on time and at a fair price—guaranteed. Our platforms are heavy-duty, welded steel structures designed to get your workers to an ergonomically correct working position. Deco's solid systems use electric or air to power the hydraulic pump. And we can permanently mount your platform to the floor, put it on wheeled casters, or put it on air casters (AKA air bearings). Deco platforms are custom made for your application.

Material Handling Platform

Do you have a unique load you need moved with a reliable and repeatable system? Deco has the answer: custom-designed platforms mounted on wheeled casters or air casters (air bearings). We specialize in working with our customers to eliminate the deadly waste in manufacturing. Whether it's 500 lbs. or 150 tons, Deco has the experience to get you moving. From windmill towers, blade, and nacelle to the largest mining truck, Deco can move your paper rolls, engines, molds and dies, tires, and more. Simply put, if you need it moved, Deco can move it for you.

Lifting Device

Got lifting device needs? Let Deco help. With our 2D and 3D capabilities, we get it right the first time guaranteed. We also perform certifications and re-certifications. Using our fleet management program, Deco uses visual, liquid penetrate, and magnetic particle nondestructive testing (NDT). Deco can do this in-house or at your location to comply with ASME and OSHA specifications. And all new lifting devices are custom design/build projects including lifters, J-hooks, tongs, spreader beams, C-hooks, and mobile lifters with power units.

Fork Free

Deco is known for our specialty lifts, tilts, and rotates for your fork-free environment. Our equipment will interface with your carts (whether they're made by Deco or not) to allow your workers to safely position carts at ergonomically correct heights. Deco uses electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic power systems to safely move the load. Controls are pedestal or floor mounted. And all pivot points are lubed for life, which means less preventive maintenance.

Material Handling Products Case Studies

  • Fork-Free Environment Poses Challenge to Auto Manufacturer—Deco Finds Solution


    With the new fork-free environment, this auto manufacturer needed a way of getting carts and dollies to an ergonomic height for the assemblers.

    Material Handling Products Solution

    To handle this material handling challenge, Deco designed and produced low profile scissor lifts that allow carts and dollies to straddle. Once the limit switch is shifted the worker easily raises the lift to a preset height from a pedestal-mounted control. These lifts are designed for 2,000 lbs. capacity. Some areas required a rotate or tilt function also, which Deco easily achieved.

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