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A193-B7 available at regular price upon request


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Material handling and equipment, metal fabrication, CNC machining, design engineering, firearm AR-15 lower & uppers, prototype development and fabrication, plant maintenance, AR500 target, millwright services? That's just the beginning of what Deco can do for you. Deco Manufacturing is an 07 FFL firearm manufacturer.


Deco Manufacturing distributes the following products. Please call email us for a quote sales@decomfg.com

Gunnebo Johnson Corp.

  • 80 & 100 Alloy chain
  • 80 & 100 Alloy components

UHMW Material

  • Bar, Sheet, Round, Angle

Black Bear Electric Hoist

  • .5 - 5 ton capacity

Arro-Mark Co. Industrial Markers

  • Paint Marker
  • Bleed Thru Marker
  • Galvanizer
  • Xylene Free Paint Markers

Unitex USA Lifting Slings

  • Round Slings
  • Web Slings
  • Lashing Tiedowns
  • Safety Harness


Anchored. Deco High Quality Anchor Bolts have been anchoring the industry since 1955

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